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Revolutionizing Communication: Leveraging AI in SMS to Connect with Customers and Employees

In the fight to gain consumers' attention, SMS, combined with artificial intelligence (AI), has become a game-changer in how we communicate with our customers and employees. This revolutionary combination transforms traditional SMS, which already boasts a high read rate of 95% compared to email's 20%, into intelligent, interactive conversations. On a practical level, AI-enhanced SMS […]

A Fast and Low-Risk AI Roadmap for MSOs, IPAs, TPAs, and Health Plans

Introduction With their complex operational structures, organizations like MSOs, IPAs, MAPD health plans, and TPAs are in a prime position to benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI). The tech world is moving fast, and to stay in the game, healthcare organizations need to adopt AI quickly but safely. This article is about how healthcare organizations can […]

Leveraging Automation: A Comprehensive Guide to Streamlining Administrative Tasks

Unlock the full potential of automation to streamline operations and drive business growth. From Robotic Process Automation to advanced AI technologies, discover how the right tools can revolutionize your administrative tasks. Learn how Serious Development not only implements these solutions but also identifies untapped opportunities for automation within your organization.