Author: Omie Ismail

Custom vs Off-the-Shelf Software: Which is Best for Your Business

When it comes to enhancing efficiency, companies must decide whether to invest in custom software development or opt for pre-made solutions.. This decision significantly impacts operational efficiency, scalability, and innovation capacity. For those grappling with the "custom vs. off-the-shelf software" dilemma, this guide serves as a resource to help you evaluate which is best for […]

Leveraging Automation: A Comprehensive Guide to Streamlining Administrative Tasks

Unlock the full potential of automation to streamline operations and drive business growth. From Robotic Process Automation to advanced AI technologies, discover how the right tools can revolutionize your administrative tasks. Learn how Serious Development not only implements these solutions but also identifies untapped opportunities for automation within your organization.

How Serious Development Leverages Azure to Deliver Secure Custom Healthcare Applications: Protecting ePHI and Streamlining Access Control

Discover how Serious Development leverages Microsoft Azure to create custom healthcare applications that prioritize security, compliance, and access control. Learn about our Azure-based projects and technologies

Omie Ismail

Meet Omie Ismail, the visionary leader of Serious Development. With a focus on healthcare tech, Omie has spearheaded projects that have significantly reduced staff workload in MSOs, MAPD Health Plans, and more. His portfolio is diverse, ranging from Provider Portals to Executive Dashboards, all integrated with EHRs and core systems. Omie's unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen enables him to bridge the gap between complex technology and its real-world applications. Under his leadership, Serious Development has become a trusted partner in healthcare, delivering bespoke solutions that drive operational efficiency and exceed client expectations.