How Serious Development Leverages Azure to Deliver Secure Custom Healthcare Applications: Protecting ePHI and Streamlining Access Control

Explore how Serious Development utilizes Microsoft Azure to develop and manage custom healthcare applications that prioritize security, control, and compliance.

Provider Scheduling App built on Azure.


The healthcare sector requires tailored software applications, such as Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, Reminder Applications, Member Portals, and Provider Portals, to cater to its unique needs. These applications must ensure the protection of sensitive patient data and streamline access control for authorized personnel. Serious Development, a software consultancy, leverages Microsoft Azure to develop custom healthcare applications that prioritize security, control, and compliance, safeguarding electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) and integrating access control through Active Directory.

In this article, we will discuss how Serious Development utilizes Azure to develop secure custom healthcare applications, the benefits for healthcare customers, and how it ensures robust security for ePHI, Active Directory-based access control, and minimizing data footprint.

Serious Development's Approach to Azure-Based Custom Healthcare Application Development

Putting the pieces together for an integrated solution.

Serious Development understands the unique requirements and challenges of healthcare software development. By leveraging Azure, they offer healthcare organizations the following advantages:

  • Security and Compliance: Azure's robust security infrastructure and compliance certifications, including HIPAA and HITRUST, ensure that applications meet stringent industry standards.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Azure's cloud-based infrastructure allows for easy scaling and adaptation as healthcare organizations grow and evolve.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Serious Development designs applications to seamlessly integrate with existing healthcare systems, minimizing disruption and streamlining workflows.

Sample Azure Projects

Serious Development has successfully developed a range of custom healthcare applications on Azure, including:

  • Data Warehouse: Consolidating and managing large volumes of healthcare data for easy access and analysis.
  • Reminder Web Application: Sending automated reminders to patients for appointments, medication, and follow-ups.
  • Scheduling Web Application: Streamlining appointment scheduling for healthcare providers and patients.
  • Broker/Agent Portal: Facilitating communication and collaboration between agents and MAPD health plans.
  • Provider Portal: Enabling healthcare providers to manage patient records, referrals, and billing.
  • Member Portal: Allowing health plan members to access their health records, appointments, and billing information.

Azure Technologies

Serious Development leverages a variety of Azure technologies to develop custom healthcare applications, such as:

  • Azure Virtual Machines: Scalable and flexible computing resources to power custom applications.
  • PostgreSQL for Azure: A fully managed, enterprise-ready database service for storing and managing healthcare data.
  • Azure Key Vault: Securely storing and managing sensitive information, such as encryption keys and application secrets.
  • Azure Maps: Providing geospatial data and services for location-based applications, such as appointment scheduling and provider search.
  • Azure Firewall: Protecting healthcare applications and infrastructure with advanced, cloud-native network security.


Serious Development's expertise in Azure-based custom healthcare application development empowers organizations to prioritize security, compliance, and access control. By partnering with Serious Development, healthcare customers can trust that their sensitive data is protected, and their unique software needs are met. Utilizing a range of Azure technologies and successfully delivering a variety of custom projects, Serious Development can help you create tailored solutions for your healthcare organization. Contact us to learn more.


How Serious Development Leverages Azure to Deliver Secure Custom Healthcare Applications: Protecting ePHI and Streamlining Access Control

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