The Pivotal Role of Physician Liaison Teams and How Provider MarketView Can Elevate Their Impact

Physician liaison teams are the backbone of healthcare organizations, including hospital systems, health plans, MSOs, and TPAs. Their primary responsibilities include recruiting healthcare providers into their organization's network and educating them on various programs. However, the effectiveness of a physician liaison (PL) team hinges on its ability to target the right providers in a timely manner.

In this article, we delve into the challenges that PL teams often encounter and introduce you to Provider MarketView—our state-of-the-art web and mobile solution designed to tackle these issues. We'll also spotlight a real-world success story of an MSO that leveraged MarketView to achieve remarkable results.

Challenges Faced by Physician Liaison Teams

  1. Provider Prioritization: PLs must identify and prioritize which providers and specialists to engage with. This involves considering various factors like patient volume, referrals, specialties, and accepted health plans. The data gathering process can be cumbersome and time-consuming.
  2. Call Routing: Efficiently scheduling and routing calls to providers is another hurdle. PLs must balance between visiting high-priority providers and fitting in visits to secondary providers in the vicinity. This often involves manual input into mapping tools, making it challenging to optimize routes.
  3. Activity and Result Tracking: Accurate and timely tracking of PL activities and the outcomes of each interaction is crucial for organizational success. However, this can be a daunting task, especially when PLs have to manually input data at the end of a busy day.
  4. Entering Data Efficiently in the Field: PLs often struggle with entering crucial data such as visit types (education, recruiting, specific campaigns, etc.), visit outcomes, and call notes while in the field. Trying to recall these details at the end of the day leads to missing information and errors.

Challenges Faced by PL Management and Marketing Teams

  1. Data-Driven Decision Making: Management often struggles with making data-driven decisions due to the lack of real-time analytics and reporting. Which vendors/providers are lacking key specialists to refer patients to? Which providers and specialists should be recruited based on encounter data, specialist types, and more?
  2. Campaign Effectiveness: Marketing teams find it challenging to measure the ROI of their campaigns aimed at aiding PL teams, often due to disparate data sources.
  3. PL Resource Allocation: Determining how to optimally allocate resources, such as marketing budgets and PL personnel, can be a complex task without the right data insights.
  4. Communication Gaps: Ensuring seamless communication between PL teams, management, and marketing is often easier said than done, leading to missed opportunities.
  5. Understanding PL Visit Duration and Route Planning: Management often finds it challenging to gauge how long PL visits take and how effective PLs plan provider visits. The number of providers visited can vary widely from day to day, and there's no easy way to visualize these visits on a map for route efficiency and no way to know how long each visit really took.

Overcoming Challenges with Provider MarketView

Provider MarketView is a powerful software solution that integrates with CRMs like Salesforce and others to help physician liaisons overcome these challenges. Key capabilities of Provider MarketView include:

  • Geographic Visualization: View providers on Google Maps to efficiently plan daily and weekly call routes.
  • Executive Dashboard: Gain insights into your total addressable market, track network growth, and assess your market share.
  • Up-to-Date Provider Information: Monthly updates from both internal and external sources ensure that PLs have the most current data.
  • CRM Integration: Simplifies data entry and activity tracking by syncing with Salesforce or other CRMs.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Understand referral relationships, provider volumes by service line, and optimal geographic distribution of your provider network by integrating with Stratasan, SG2, health plan, and your own provider data.
  • Provider Outreach Module: Provider MarketView includes a mobile friendly Provider Outreach module that allows PLs an easy way to select custom visit types, visit outcomes, campaigns, and more.
  • Check In and Check Out Feature: Provider MarketView may include a check-in and check-out feature on its mobile app. This allows PLs to log their visits in real-time, enabling management to review route planning effectiveness and understand the duration of different types of calls.

Real-World Success Story: MSO Triumphs with MarketView

An MSO aimed to double its Primary Care Provider (PCP) network and chose to implement a customized Provider MarketView Web and Mobile solution. The application, which is GIS-enabled and integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and other CRMs, provided outstanding results for PL teams, management, and marketing.

Overall Impact:

Photo us dollar growth concept and with icons on wooden blocks.

In just one year, an MSO that implemented Provider MarketView experienced a staggering 250% increase in new provider contracts, far exceeding their initial goals. The software revolutionized the efficiency of PL teams, armed management with actionable insights for strategic planning, and enabled the marketing team to optimize their campaigns for maximum impact. See benefits realized by department below:

Call Planning Feature.

For PL Teams:

  • Provider Outreach Module: Streamlined data entry for visit types, outcomes, and campaign details.
  • Provider Research-Decreased provider research time (understanding which providers and specialists were affiliated with which health plans, types and quantity of encounters and more) by half.
  • Call Planning and Routing: Utilized the ability to plan and route calls for the week to increase visits per week by 20%.
  • Campaign Effectiveness: Easily tracked actual results versus goals in their CRM.

For Management:

  • Check-In and Check-Out Feature: Provided insights into the duration and effectiveness of PL visits.
  • Map View for Specialty Coverage: Enabled targeted campaign and goal setting based on gaps in specialty coverage.
  • Visits Per Day: Easily set visits per day goals and tracked effectiveness of PL teams resulting in 20% increase in visits per day.

For Marketing:

  • Real-Time Analytics and ROI Tracking: Utilized Provider MarketView integration with their CRM to understand which marketing campaigns are working and how to improve them.
  • Targeting Underpenetrated Areas: Helped in creating targeted campaigns to support PL teams more effectively.


Provider MarketView as a call planning, territory analysis, and PL effectiveness tool offers massive benefits for Physician Liaison Teams, Management and Marketing . For those interested in exploring custom solutions tailored to their unique requirements, further information is available. Feel free to reach out to explore how these technologies can be adapted to meet your organization's specific needs.


The Pivotal Role of Physician Liaison Teams and How Provider MarketView Can Elevate Their Impact

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